About Pam - Pamperryphotography

PamPerry Studio

PamPerry Studio is located at 527 E. Chatham Street in Cary. 

(919) 215-8486. PamPerryhair@gmail.com.

Pam is a  practicing Hair stylist and Makeup Artist in the Cary Area. Wanting to capture her own work, she took up photography in 2008. Because her goal in photography is to capture Hair and makeup looks as seen in Hair Magazines, Trade magazines and beauty magazines, her work reflects such images. Wanting to capture Model type shots is her passion. Themed type shoots are always welcome! We love Pinup Style, avante-garde High Fashion, Boudoir and Glamour style and strongly encourage even "regular gals" to consider these types of photo shoots.

But if you're just not that kind of gal, a fashion type of Portrait session may just be for you! From young gals aspiring to be models to mature gals wanting to capture their beauty and essence, it's all about beauty and glamour to Pam. Her patient nature coupled with her passion about all things beauty are what make her shoots fun but successful. She knows that all women want to feel Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous and Womanly! And at the 15 minute consultation, you'll be made to feel at ease about your shoot. You'll be guided to what to buy, what to bring, what to have the day of as well as guidance in posing and even facial expression. it's all about the attitude and body language you portray in the shoot that makes it believable. It's "acting of sorts". We want your shoot to be Magazine Worthy!!